2017/01/23 14:35 UTC

Weather and preplanning

All information provided by this website is generally suitable for flight preperation.  
Legal requirements of the flight preparation and the associated weather information differ from country to country, each pilot must examine whether and how these weather information may be used for the flight preparation in his or her country.  
Please read the terms of conditions first.

Some Tipps

UTC at that time you have requested that page shows always up in the upper right corner. It is a good practise to doublecheck if received data is still actual.  
If you want to make print outs of charts there is always a little printer icon which will generate a page with print out size of the desired chart. In some cases you should use landscape format for printout.

New functions

For early crews which need to print out the latest weather before proceeding with the crew bus I put a minimalistic version under Quick Print Out in the web.


Please enjoy using this website.  
Dirk Hoffmann, July 11th 2007  
Berlin, Germany